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Great start

I didnt think I could sing at all and, with the grades from this app, I now know for sure :) But it is easy to see where you are missing notes and the interface is fun and well designed (similar to Duolingo). The app has a great foundation and Im looking forward to whats in store next.

The Best Singing App Ever!!! Really is the Best!!!

I really love it!!! It is perfect and super well thought!! You nail it! It is the best !

Off key, now on key

I had no idea what singing off key really meant until this app. This is so user friendly and has a sleek design that makes it very easy to come back for quick but effective exercises. I love singing but have a poor ear haha. Love this app. Great job!!!

Great app with excellent potential

This app has very good accuracy and has some great vocal training ideas. Look forward to seeing more options as it is still very limited.

Seeing Improvements in Singing!

I honestly have the worst singing voice by nature, but am already noticing improvements after just doing these exercises for a few days. Wish I had something like this years ago, so I could be a pop star already...ok I'll never be that good, but it's fun to now be able to sing popular songs on tune!

Good at first

I honestly do love this app but after using it consistently for about a month or longer I must say that the exercises get really repetitive day after day. I still use it daily but if there were more exercises that were more challenging I'd love it so much! I'd even pay for it, I'm excited to see where this app goes and hopefully it won't feel so repetitive.

Great app

I love this I just wish I was better at it. Lol.

The Perfect App for Beginners

Beautiful and simple, this app is perfect for people looking to perfect their pitch and range. It's brilliant because you can actually hear yourself sing during the exercise and after. My only qualm with the app is that I wish it were bigger! More exercises more practice sessions and fun games please!

Awesome app

This is a great app. I saw improvements in the first session. I can't believe this is free with no IAPs. I'd love to support the continued development of this app! Thank you!


People have noticed a difference in my singing.

Great coach

like how you can see everything you're missing, just needs an update asap


Beautiful and simple... doesn't teach singing so much as it provides good warm ups. More exercises, more intensity, more often please!

Great app

Fun, enjoyable. Quick attention to bugs

I love it!

I love the fact that I'm training my voice to sound better than it does on it's own. There are some things that I could never achieve without the help of this app, though you can only do 3 lessons a day, which can get aggravating, since that just feels like a good warm up.


Great for consistency since the exercises are short.

"It's a whole new world"

Literally for me at least. I use to be very ignorant about others' remarks about my singing. Though with using this app for the first time, I realized how unvarying my voice was in tone when I sang. How embarrassing. . . HOWEVER, I'm on the road to singing more pleasantly and hitting more right notes for the song "A Whole New World."

kinda intense on your throat

I found out this app from their mention on Mashable's app of the day, but after using it for a week, it left my voice raw, which is undesirable considering I have musical auditions in two weeks. there are no warm-ups. the exercises are too high in intensity, and they don't coach you on how to utilize your voice and breathing well, causing me to force the sound out wrong. I've been in choir for 5 years and have taken private voice lessons, and nothing I've trained with left me squeaking after they were done. this is concerning.


It's good in theory but after finding my range the app gave me exercises with high notes that I couldn't hit to save my life. It's incredibly frustrating. Also, a voice to go along with the notes with the sample before starting the practice.

Cute and Fun

I love singing and this app is helping me improve. It has some glitches a little bit, but in all it's really a great way to train your voice.


The app is only okay, and I'm sure it will improve with time. The sound and microphone don't work at times, which causes the scores on the exercises drop. Additionally, the notes to sing are unclear and need to be made clearer - I've been vocally trained for 10+ years and thought it would be fun to try an app to potentially improve my voice, and even with my knowledge I was left wondering what pitch I was supposed to be singing. There is a great idea here, though! It just definitely needs some tweaks.

Love but

Like others say it would be great if the piano accompanied because that's the only way I can recognize a note

Very Good!

I enjoy the exercises, please include a preview of what using the app looks like as a human does it, thanks.

Top notch!

Top notch. Haven't seen any other app like it!

Finally! A good singing practice app!

This app is great! With instant feedback and a perfect level system so it doesn't start you with anything you can't handle. I love it!

Love it

Great app



Good Start, suggestions for future updates

Since this app is new it does not have many features but I could see it becoming very helpful and popular.Here are some suggestions for future updates -a search bar to search up songs and a lot more songs that can be downloaded or somthing -open singing where you could sing whatever and just be able to see what notes your singing -different kinds of voice practices such as making your voice clearer or more then just note range Overall it's a good app but you might want to wait for it to update just because it's so new. Hope you take some suggestions thanks!


I love your app (and if I could I'd rate it 4.5 stars) the only problem is it's a bit crashy. I love your app and hope you will consider fixing this :)

Good, bugs

The app itself is good for practicing. I love how it reminds you to train and also how it records your performance so you can listen to it later. But there are some bugs, for example whenever you level up it crashes, or sometime the transitioning between the notes is laggy, which is think is caused by the recording. Overall it's a great app. I hope you add more features and more practicing styles for us.

pretty good app

i would give this 3 stars, but considering the fact it's new i'll cut it some slack. the problem is that when ever i sing, it glitches my voice which causes me to get less points. some sections glitch more than others. but if this is fixed which hopefully you guys will do, i'm sure it'll be very good.

Really fun and helpful

I didn't use to know my highest and lowest singing range but now I do and I'm really happy that I know now. Getting to listen to myself is one of the best things I like about to app because I get to see where I mess up on and where I don't Good in. I also like this app because it's like my personal trainer that's free and now people have a chance to improve their voice for free while is really cool. I will totally recommend this to all my friends who would like to improve their voice.

Good for the soul

I had always wanted to learn this stuff but never got around to it. Thank you so much for this

microphone not working???

i downloaded the app today and, after attempting the first exercise, i see and hear that the microphone keeps coming in and out. i've used the microphone in the voice memos app to see if it was the headphones or the app, and it was the app. please fix. the app is unusable like this.

I love this app

I love this app I just think it'd be better if the app didn't close every time I leveled up. This app shows you which notes you got or missed, it's great if you don't have a vocal coach and you want one. It is the best vocal coaching app I've ever used!

I love it!

Great app! I feel i will finally learn how to sing and be express myself after so long.:))

Very good!

I was in chamber choir a few years in high school, and it feels great to get some warmups in again and some practice! A+ app, can't wait to see what comes next!

It'd be nice but...

Anyone who has trouble finding pitch will find themselves sliding all over the place. This seems wonderful but would be best if the piano played along during the exercise, or at least when the user isn't finding the notes.

Fun, challenging, and cute.

I saw this app on a Snapchat story and was totally eager to try it out. The basics of the app work great and it's fun to find your range and sing some scales. Each day you get three new exercises to practice. The downside is that I have a Bass voice (D2-C4) and the app doesn't pick up the first couple of low notes during the exercises. It causes my score to go down since it won't recognize the note. My headphones have a built in microphone which works well. Other then that minor issue, the app is fun and even a bit challenging. I can't wait to see what the future hold for my voice and this app.

Well designed

This app has a beautiful UI and creative ways to improve your voice. Highly recommend


It requires headphones. But when the headphones are plugged in the sound is choppy and won't pick up my voice it only picks up bits and pieces. I have tried several sets of headphones. iPhone6s.

Great start

I didn't think I could sing at all and, with the grades from this app, I now know for sure :) But it is easy to see where you are missing notes and the interface is fun and well designed (similar to Duolingo). The app has a great foundation and I'm looking forward to what's in store next.

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