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could be five star app....but it is not

I love this app but it will only let you practice what it wants you to practice every day. Once I unlock lessons I should be able to use them again and again. I would pay to unlock all the sessions but they wont let me. so 1 star

Aspiring Opera Singer Whos Sick of Looking Like a Tomato

Let us finally be able to change our profile photos & it will be 5 stars. Seriously I love this app.


Beautiful and simple... doesnt teach singing so much as it provides good warm ups. More exercises, more intensity, more often please! There have been bugs with microphone but the team has actually been fixing them, which is nice


I love your app (and if I could Id rate it 4.5 stars) the only problem is its a bit crashy. The app is great and I hope you will consider fixing this :)

Much Better Pitch Detection

I stopped using this app for a bit because I am a mainly a bass and it had trouble picking up my range, causing low scores, but its much better now and usable for low-pitched singers like myself. Definitely recommend.

Excellent app

Excellent app to practice singing. However has a few quirks Would like to have the option to choose a previously played level, instead of just restricted to the new one currently enabled.

Best of Ive found

The only app Ive found so far for training voice. Simple but quite helpful.

Helpful but...

The app is helpful for people learning how to sing, and even those that already have a musical ear but want to practice vocals. I play clarinet and sometimes singing the note will help but I feel like an option that would/ could help the app improve, maybe on the exercise list portion is being able to chose and note and it would play it and hold it out until we chose to stop it. Im thinking this because on the regular exercises the notes go by so fast that we dont have enough time to "find" it. But overall pretty good app I just feel that would add a little something.

Sweet app for someone who wants a portable voice coach

Awesome voice range detection and sweet courses!

Great App!

Just started using it, but so far I love this app! The real-time feedback is very useful, as is seeing the pitch changes visually. Cant wait for more content to be released!


I love this app so far, but I think it would be awesome if we could re-visit previous exercises from the days before. (Unless the app is still super new to me and there is actually an area to find the ones from previous days.)

Great app

I like this app its just it would help a lot if there were videos to help us too. Ether way still great

Keeps crashing

Hi! This is a really great app, except for the fact that it crashes every time I try to use it! Please please please fix it!

More practice / crashing

I feel like there should be more daily exercises, three is not enough. Also, since the last update the app keeps crashing.

Unique and innovative app

Very cool how its set up. Good program, but more helpful tips, details, and possible teaching videos would further progress this apps progress and the singers progress. I look forward to seeing how Vanido will improve over the next few months.

Just for practice

After trying it for a few weeks, I dont really feel like Im learning to sing. It just seems that Im practicing but Im not really improving our learning more about it. I expected there to be some kind of progression in the exercises that would eventually nudge you to greater skill but now I see that there isnt.


Is really amazing ! Ive never seen good app for vocal as like that !!! Guys u should try it I promise i will like it !

Excellent work, developers!

Awesome app!!!!! Super precise

great but unstable

I really like this app, however its very unstable on my iphone 5 It gets the good things of the crowded brain training market, and help in an area that does good to the brain and soul, i hope you give us more settings to keep using it on this celnphone (reduce quality), or you bring soon the android version

Flippin sweet

I love the way it visualizes your voice and really helps you know what youre doing wrong/right

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