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Almost great

I have been using Vanido for a month or so. I like the format and I look forward to the warmup section if it ever comes to be. The app often has audio glitches that result in altered scores for the points system and it can be quite annoying. I emailed Varsha and the support people but didnt get a reply. Thats disappointing. Would I pay for the app? Not in its current state, especially without technical support. I hope development continues because the app is a good concept.

Great, but....

✨I love this app and its truly amazing but, it freezes up when I do training. It probably is just my phone but after that its an AMAZING app.✨


Its an awesome app when u first he it but after a couple months it went a little down hill but I personally think this app is worth getting

No Bluetooth headphone support

Maybe its just me, I have Bose sports ear buds, but this is 2017 and the iPhone 7 lost the headphone jack. Im not the person who hands out one star reviews but how are you going to require headphones and not have it be compatible with Bluetooth??

The start of something great

This App is just what I was looking for! Really makes you notice all the little mistakes you make while singing. Id like to point out though that the exercises can be way too intense; I cant catch my breath! Fixing this will earn the devs those 5 stars.

Perfect for beginner level singers

Excellent for learning to control your voice. I like the exercise, and feel that they are very helpful


Great app ??


I love this app no ads just practicing my voice I highly recommend this one.


Great App. Very easy to use. Great interface. Fun and functional.

The Best Singing App Ever!!! Really is the Best!!!

I really love it!!! It is perfect and super well thought!! You nail it! It is the best !

Off key, now on key

I had no idea what singing off key really meant until this app. This is so user friendly and has a sleek design that makes it very easy to come back for quick but effective exercises. I love singing but have a poor ear haha. Love this app. Great job!!!

Great app with excellent potential

This app has very good accuracy and has some great vocal training ideas. Look forward to seeing more options as it is still very limited.

Seeing Improvements in Singing!

I honestly have the worst singing voice by nature, but am already noticing improvements after just doing these exercises for a few days. Wish I had something like this years ago, so I could be a pop star already...ok Ill never be that good, but its fun to now be able to sing popular songs on tune!

Good at first

I honestly do love this app but after using it consistently for about a month or longer I must say that the exercises get really repetitive day after day. I still use it daily but if there were more exercises that were more challenging Id love it so much! Id even pay for it, Im excited to see where this app goes and hopefully it wont feel so repetitive.

I feel so much better!

With Vanido I can literally let it go and be myself singing! Im not afraid to sing anymore and I feel so much better after each session!

Great app

I love this I just wish I was better at it. Lol.

The Perfect App for Beginners

Beautiful and simple, this app is perfect for people looking to perfect their pitch and range. Its brilliant because you can actually hear yourself sing during the exercise and after. My only qualm with the app is that I wish it were bigger! More exercises more practice sessions and fun games please!

Great app. Excited for updates

Really well put together app; very intuitive and slique. Lessons are good fun too. Only 3 up so far but looking forward to some more.

Love it

I really love Vanido. The interface is clean and cool. Just hoping for some new updates with new games and maybe more lessons a day ?


Great for vocal warm ups! Everyone who loves singing should get this app. 10/10 ??

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