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Great & free

Fantastic quality, currently without charge!

Touring musicians best friend!

The exercises are simple, fun, and effective. They helped me out of my practice rut and are nice and quick to boot! I love the design too. I cant wait for the warm up feature!!!

Great for me, a complete novice.

Three exercises a day, works like Duolingo.

Really good but...

I really like the app for the ease of use. But unfortunately the it doesnt register how low my voice goes since Im a bass, so I end up failing some of the lessons because the microphone cant register my voice. Would like to do sol fedge, since Im my choir class we practice that all the time.

Simple et addictif

Lentraînement ne demande que quelques minutes par jour, une connexion réseau, des écouteurs et un endroit relativement calme pour faire ses vocalises ! Lapp bugge parfois un peu mais rien de bien grave.

Génial !

Super bien fait. Enfin lespoir de ne plus chanter comme une casserole ! Its gonna change my life D)

Vocalization professor... best tool ever! I strongly recommend it

Ever since Ive started using this tool, Ive been able to improve my vocal cords. And reach higher and lower notes. Thank you fou invented it.. need more controls in practicing

Caution advised -- from an experienced choral singer

While this is a wonderful tool for practicing ear training, it is problematic in that it encourages you to sing at the extremes of your range without offering any tips on how to do so without hurting your voice. Inexperienced singers are likely to want to push through the exercises to earn points without paying attention to proper vocal technique. Also, the pace of the exercises often does not allow sufficient time to breathe between sets -- I realize it is possible to pause the exercise, but it would be nice to have a bit of extra time built in. In sum: use with caution!


This is like the Duolingo of vocal coaching... Interface is really cute and exercises are super helpful for daily warmups. 5 stars and hoping theyre going to keep working on it, it can only get better and better. Im adding this to my daily routine :) My suggestions: -Make an iPad version! -Be able to unlock more than 3 exercises per day.

Mrs Justine

Thumbs up!

Good app

I like to use it. People actually took the time to make a good free app.??

Thoughtful, well designed

I described this app to my music professor teaching us ear training and he agreed all the components are in place to train voice. Excellent value, best since free. Yet. Yet. Ive written to support about the feedback (static sound) in earphones every time I record. Static heard on iPod and iPad. Feedback is the only reason Im not giving Vanido 5 stars.


So helpful

What a nicely done app!

Cant wait to see more lessons! Will it be possible to add friends and perform some song together?


Ive been using it for 3 days and so far it has been great.

A big problem

The app glitches when I try to do the first excercise so it catches my voice in chunks and takes a while to adjust when I try to fix my pitch (or however you call it) I love the design of the app a lot I just hope the glitch is fixed soon. Maybe its because I need headphones with a microphone attached (I was using headphones at the time of the glitching)?

Fun but .....,

I keep trying to log in but I cant change the password the file keeps telling me file not found help On the fun side I like it would love to get back to it ??

Great training for free

Covers pitch, sustain, and other mathematically measurable aspects of voice. Cant teach emotion or artistry, but that is better done in person anyway.

Doesnt even work

Wont let me sign in, doesnt register any sound at all

Great vocal training exercises

The use of visual design to support and enhance the vocal exercises is really smart!

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