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Certainly interesting...

I am a professional opera singer, I decided to try this because I get bored in my hotel and I wanted to see how well it worked from an already trained musicians perspective. It is a fun little game I guess but it doesnt actually register the right pitches most of the time, even with the slightest vibrato the app freaks out and assumes youre wrong, since mine is very even I would say either its not well tuned enough to input what is happening, or it is too delicate that even a semi tone waver makes it decide your pitch is wrong. Maybe works with the pop singing school of thought but the fundamentals of singing and matching pitch are better learned from a local voice teacher or sitting with a piano. Wish it went through scales and solfege or even note names instead of non sense syllables and this could have some value other than a gimmick.

So amazing!

I cant even begin to describe how wonderful this app is! I love musical theater but am horrible at singing, and this app helps me get a little bit in each day. I have not seen any improvement in the past 4 days using the app, but its helped my confidence! The app is beautiful and easy to use, and the exercises only take about 5 minutes everyday (although you can practice more if youd like). Its a great app and Id recommend it to anyone whos interested in singing! I love that its 100% free as well! A million thanks for such a great app!!

Very well built, deserves more exposure

Its like a guitar tuner for your voice, except you tune it by straining vocal muscles you never knew you had. 5/5

Seems really cool!

Ive never had singing lessons ever and I can already tell Im getting a bit better after a few days with singing on key, but it does move awfully fast at times for beginners like me. The Head exercises especially, since I mostly can only hit low notes right now so trying to hit the high notes can be very challenging to gauge correctly. Overall, I really like it! The learning curve is just a tad high for absolute beginners.


This is a very innovative app! I just wish you could see how you compare with the average user. Please add that feature, Vanido! That would be super cool


App runs VERY smoothly and is really fun at the same time. Everyone should give it a try and practice their singing skills!

New but great so far

Interesting concept, a little difficult to find a place to practice but I manage.

Beginnings of greatness

I dont know how long this app has been on the market, but it seems new. The app works well, even with all its moving parts it doesnt crash, has good design and really has the potential to really grow into something fantastic. Theres not a lot of exercises to start with, but being able to see the notes, hear the notes, see my pitch, and hear my pitch all at the same time has already made me a better singer. And Ive had the app for all of two days. Something really cool for the developers should add is the ability to be graded against real songs. Something else would be to say across a range of days what key or keys you are the best at singing in and give suggestions as to which songs you might try singing. This app is wonderful. Even thinking about the potential of this app is wonderful. Im impressed.

Well made simple considerate interface

Friendly and simple. Eventhough it is just simple exercises i love it professionally well made. Great exercises intuitive design. Simple touch and no complexity, no unnecessary advertisements. I wouldve given 5 stars but it requires you to use ear plugs and my bluetooth headphone doesnt work with it. Still it works perfectly with just ear plugs. Greatly enjoying it Thank you very much developers. You guys are geniuses!!



So far so good

Liked the way they started teaching from the scratch! Not even a rookie but a person with good basic knowledge will also can polish his skills! ????


It gives daily exercises that I think help

Please fix: no feedback below F2!!

There is absolutely no visual feedback or voice input happening below F2. In the vocal range adjuster it simply stops showing the current note being triggered below F2. I guess Im a deep deep bass! I never knew that :) Also, in the lessons, the little waveforms stop appearing asking with the notes below what I presume is also F2. Now, I presume this is either a bug in your app, or a hardware limitation of the mic in the Apple earbuds? Maybe the earbuds are cancelling out noise below F2?? Either way please test this and either fix it or notify users the Apple earbuds dont work for bass singers.

Fun but very glitchy

From what I could try out it was a lot of fun! But when trying out the exercises it wouldnt properly go through and I could hear my voice come back as scratch. Overall, I felt like I couldnt accurately sing the notes because of the cracking/scratching noise the app was creating through my headphones kept breaking my concentration.

the app is good

its good but i just wanted to see with the new update if u could write reviews without having to type in your apple id password every time


Started app three days ago and enjoyed the vocal drills provided. Would like to re-do previous drills but apparently not possible. Too bad! 5 stars if re-dos were possible!

Really excited about his app.

I really love this app. I think it has a lot of wonderful methodology behind it, and many new features planned in the future, which will enrich and further promulgate singing as a skill.

Headphones mess with audio

I like being able to hear the piano with headphones but the app doesnt record or accurately display the pitch Im singing. Theres scratchy feedback that makes it hard to hear, and it gives me a much lower score because it doesnt show what I actually sang. Its also distracting that my voice is automatically played back, since then I cant hear the notes Im supposed to be singing.


The app is really good. No bugs noticed. 3 free lessons in a day.

So far so good.

Needs more detailed instructions

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