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Its awesome! Really love it

Awesome app

This is a great app. I saw improvements in the first session, and I cant wait for more features. I cant believe this is free. Id pay for this.


This is pretty freaking dope...


Your app is absolutely amazing.I think Ive got a new voice.


Loving it so far, hope the updates keep coming. ?????


great app, has rlly helped me improve!!

I love this app

I love this app my singing went from a wild moose being stabbed to at least a graceful squawk

Great app!!

I havent been in choir for nearly five years and my voice became rusty and was extremely frustrating for me. This app has helped me get back into practice with vocal workouts that Ive missed dearly!

So cool

This game is cool and helps my voice.I have a sore throat and it makes it feel much better! No ads!!! Which is Awesome, This app is awesome.

Great app

This app is really helpful for those that want to train their voice and ear beginner or not.

Motivating app for beginners

It is very motivating application for beginners. Looks that it is able to guide a user in professional way to get what is best in his or her voice.


This app is nice, but while Ive been using it, I feel like Im not progressing. The reason why is because the only thing the app has you doing is voice warm ups, and not actual singing, songs. I like how it can tell what tunes youre making, I just wish there was more things than just warm up type exercises.

Such an awesome app, so much potential

I just started using it and I think its really awesome. Daily exercises to help you learn to recognize notes and sing tons better. If we all spread the word the developers will be able to make this app that much better!

more than a great app

the greatest app for singing

Fantastic app

Its a great app i would like an option in which the vocal patterns are randomized, to allow more thorough training. I enjoy using the app. Thanks, and keep it up (and free...)

Great & free

Fantastic quality, currently without charge!

Touring musicians best friend!

The exercises are simple, fun, and effective. They helped me out of my practice rut and are nice and quick to boot! I love the design too. I cant wait for the warm up feature!!!

Great for me, a complete novice.

Three exercises a day, works like Duolingo.

Really good but...

I really like the app for the ease of use. But unfortunately the it doesnt register how low my voice goes since Im a bass, so I end up failing some of the lessons because the microphone cant register my voice. Would like to do sol fedge, since Im my choir class we practice that all the time.

Caution advised -- from an experienced choral singer

While this is a wonderful tool for practicing ear training, it is problematic in that it encourages you to sing at the extremes of your range without offering any tips on how to do so without hurting your voice. Inexperienced singers are likely to want to push through the exercises to earn points without paying attention to proper vocal technique. Also, the pace of the exercises often does not allow sufficient time to breathe between sets -- I realize it is possible to pause the exercise, but it would be nice to have a bit of extra time built in. In sum: use with caution!

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