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Piano static

This would be a nice app if it were not for the piano static. Whenever I play, the sound comes out as staticy and it affects my ability to sing

So far so good

I have used it only a couple of times so far. And the feedback seems very valuable to a beginner like me. Hoping to see improvement in a couple of months of usage.

Truly Awesome

Just did 1 day training and I can feel me upgraded!!! Cool Just waiting on next week for giving a new feedback. After a few weeks using the app I noticed some problems and issues. when using the app and receiving a call and then returning to the app I cannot hear sounds anymore

No progress

Using this app during two weeks I dont see the progress in singing. Just a waste of time.

Crashes constantly

App constantly crashes before starting first lesson

This is perfect for practioners NOT for pros

I rolled my eyes with the "pro opera singer" review below. This app is for newbies like myself. If youre truly a pro then stick to a piano. For the rest of us who want to show off at karaoke night with friends, this app is excellent. Id like to unlock the rest of the exercises. I wouldnt mind paying. And also singing simple songs and keep it in tune would be ideal. Getting three stars is super hard but worth it when you achieve it. Id like to see whats the optimal time to practice per day. I usually stop once i get my three stars for each exercise.

Doesnt register voice or mic

I did choir all through middle and high school and was wondering why it kept giving me super low failing scores, but then I replayed the audio recordings the app took to grade from, and theyre 90% silence and static sounds bc the recording kept cutting out. My phones mic and audio with with every other app just fine and I tried with two different types of headphones, but couldnt get this app to "hear" me lol. It registers my voice perfectly if I unplug the headphones, but then I cant hear the piano to tune to lol. Bummer, bc this app looked fun.

Cant log in!

Wont allow me to log in either with Facebook or Google. Keeps giving me the "something went wrong" error message, but yet I get an email saying Welcome to Vanido. Really? Somebody needs to fix this.

Room for improvement but a great start

I can tell this app is going to be something I use everyday. I cant wait for access to additional vocal exercises and some actual voice samples.

Kind of love it(:

Im a sophomore in college and Im on choir scholarship, this app lets me feel strong and more confident in my abilities, plus I can use it to warm up before rehearsal even begins!

Dont get the app

Dont get this app. Its a waste of space.The app wont even let me log into the game. ? poor quality

Great app!

App works wonderfully. The only two issues I have are that you cant use vibrato at all because the pitch tracking is so sensitive, and that sometimes the higher part of my range gets tracked as an octave higher than Im actually singing, so I lose points on those. Other than those two things, however, I feel I can already see the beginnings of improvement in my pitch, and Ive only been using the app a couple of weeks. Just make sure you rest your voice if it gets tired!


I love the practice sessions so far. Please keep up the great work!

Love it! But..


I can sing!

And someone whos never been able to carry a tune, this app is amazing. Ive always wanted to learn to sing. And by sing I mean not offend those around me. In just a few days I can feel my range expanding and can hit the notes of the exercises. I can tell my pathetic warble is improving because there is the opportunity to listen to yourself after each exercise. For people like me who would never be bold enough to go to voice lessons, or invest in them, this app is awesome. In just a few minutes a day, I may one day reach my dream of not getting dirty looks at birthday parties while trying to belt out the traditional happy birthday song. Not there yet, but with Vanido Im getting closer.

Cant create an account

App wont let me create an account no matter what login service I choose.

Cant register / log in

I tried to register all three ways: Facebook, Google and plain old e-mail and password, but it keeps telling me "something went wrong" in exactly these words in all 3 cases, every time I tried and I tried a few times each. And it tells me if I am the application owner I should look at the logs! Really!?!? Useless error message and no clear action I can take to fix it.


So far so good! Only down side is I think the app is stuck. For the past 3 days its been having me do the same exercises....

Great app

Its very easy to use and also helpful


Let me just say that Ive only been using this app for two days and Ive already seen improvements!! I am understanding how my voice sounds and works much better and is giving me a leg up on how to use it for all those jam sessions driving in my car!! A MUST DOWNLOAD APP for all singing enthusiasts

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