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Vocalization professor... best tool ever! I strongly recommend it

Ever since Ive started using this tool, Ive been able to improve my vocal cords. And reach higher and lower notes. Thank you fou invented it.. need more controls in practicing


This is like the Duolingo of vocal coaching... Interface is really cute and exercises are super helpful for daily warmups. 5 stars and hoping theyre going to keep working on it, it can only get better and better. Im adding this to my daily routine :) My suggestions: -Make an iPad version! -Be able to unlock more than 3 exercises per day.

Mrs Justine

Thumbs up!

Good app

I like to use it. People actually took the time to make a good free app.??

Thoughtful, well designed

I described this app to my music professor teaching us ear training and he agreed all the components are in place to train voice. Excellent value, best since free. Yet. Yet. Ive written to support about the feedback (static sound) in earphones every time I record. Static heard on iPod and iPad. Feedback is the only reason Im not giving Vanido 5 stars.

What a nicely done app!

Cant wait to see more lessons! Will it be possible to add friends and perform some song together?


Ive been using it for 3 days and so far it has been great.

A big problem

The app glitches when I try to do the first excercise so it catches my voice in chunks and takes a while to adjust when I try to fix my pitch (or however you call it) I love the design of the app a lot I just hope the glitch is fixed soon. Maybe its because I need headphones with a microphone attached (I was using headphones at the time of the glitching)?

Great training for free

Covers pitch, sustain, and other mathematically measurable aspects of voice. Cant teach emotion or artistry, but that is better done in person anyway.

Fun but .....,

I keep trying to log in but I cant change the password the file keeps telling me file not found help On the fun side I like it would love to get back to it ??

Great vocal training exercises

The use of visual design to support and enhance the vocal exercises is really smart!

Doesnt even work

Wont let me sign in, doesnt register any sound at all

Horrible for new singers.

I dont know what it is I am doing and apparently it doesnt either, it reads me completely wrong halve the time and has me fighting with it every time I try to use it. Its a real confidence depressant, it made me feel like I couldnt do anything right. And you cant blame the vocal range aspect because even after changing it, the stupid head voice challenge didnt pick up on a darn thing.

Phishing Scam - Stay Away

This app tried to reset my Facebook password after and hack my account. Stay away and report it.

Good New App

This is a nice looking and stable app. It does feel like its in the early stages, but has great potential. In the mean time its a good reminder app to practice singing everyday.

Fun and encouraging

Ive always wanted to sing better but could never figure out my range. As a preteen girl I was put in the lower alto section but even that felt too high. This app says Im a tenor and finally singing feels comfortable! Fun app for non-pros like me.

Needs work

The octaves are numbered differently than they traditionally are, and while this is fine it should be noted somewhere. Also it will not register notes below an E2. I thought at first I was struggling with the lower part of my range, but my cousin is a basso profundo, and he couldnt get anything below an F2 to register. With that out of the way, this app is very solid and with some quick google searches to work out kinks this can make you a great singer with time.

Really helpful

It has been years since I have taking singing lessons and my boys has really gotten weak. I dont have a piano anymore and have not practiced my vocal exercises I have noticed when I seen just for fun or with karaoke that my voice quivers and is pitchy at times. This app has been very helpful to motivate me to start practicing again. Some of the exercises I recognize from before others are new and very challenging. One thing I would would find very helpful would be to go back and do exercises from previous days, Either to improve on my score or to repeat once I found it very helpful.

Fun but....

This app is fun to use, however sometimes it doesnt register the notes Im singing or has me singing an octave higher than i actually am. I took singing lessons years ago along with piano lessons so i know when Im hitting the notes correctly, just wish it would reflect that on the app. Also the reminders dont come at the time i have then set for, they come 2 hours later. Fix that and it would be great. Also i have a lot of vibrato in my voice and i wish it wouldnt be so sensitive to that because i think that has a negative effect on the reviews i receive.

I love singing...

Now, others love hearing me sing, too. Great app.

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