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So far, so good

Ive only done three days of lessons, and its been interesting and fun. Im glad I can do it when there is no one else around. Since Im a senior citizen, I hope to strengthen my vocal cords for everyday, but if I can sing, too, all the better.

A few recommendations

This is an awesome app with a simplistic, elegant design and good exercises that improve your voice. I would recommend this app to anyone who is a beginner singer like myself. What I would recommend is to add some lip and tongue trill exercises and to consult some professional voice coaches on how to make this app truly amazing.

Best out there!

I have been searching for months for an easy to use absolutely free singing app and I finally found one!

Some suggestions

I have been using it for a month now. Still using it and I think its helping but I have a few suggestions: sampling rate - the graphical feedback sometimes indicates an instantaneous jump in frequency that is definitely not happening. This could be due to low sampling rate causing frequency aliasing; label the scale that is being displayed/practiced; make the pause button a little more functional. I dont know if its due to size or position or something about how the button is monitored but it is very difficult to successfully pause the exercise in the brief time between scales.

My singing has never improved more!


Not sure

Not really sure how it works. When you hear what you were supposed to be singing and then it takes you to the singing place, it would be better if it told you when to start and to go into different keys but it just isnt clear about what youre supposed to do, especially for a beginner

Needs more intensity!

This is a great app with excellent design. Its gorgeous and has a nice interface, but the app only gives you a couple minutes to practice every day. If I could practice more and push myself with this app, Id give it five stars. Heck, Id pay for a more complete version.

Great app

I found this very helpful as a complete beginner

The best

Vanido is the thing I always needed

Great excuse and reminder to sing

This app is not going to teach you to sing in the opera. However, the stress and pace of life makes it easy (at least for me) to go months without singing. In the first four days since starting this app I have tinkered through the exercises on 3 of the days. I believe that having a little reminder and fun escape is going to result in singing more often - which is something I want to do!!! I also expect that when I do sing something other than these exercises I will be ready to go:).

Pretty good but...

Theres really not much to do. They give you one or two tasks a day. They also dont give a motivation to get things done. Many other educational apps use some kind of reward system but there is not one in place here. The tuning works pretty well and the feature where you can hear yourself sing is nice but dont even try vibrato it will change it around too much. So overall its pretty helpful but there are some things to be fixed

Hoping for a few more features

Exercises and layout is great, it would be nice to be able to at least review the previous exercises , and yes a warm up feature is key! Enjoying it and hoping for more development.

Great job Vanido

I loved this app! The way the exercises give you advice is like, AWESOME. I think this app is the best! Great Job!

Ehh... not that great

Im already pretty loyal to another singing app (Voxtrain), but I gave this app a shot for a few days because the reviews claimed it was the best ever. What I got was an app whose main capability was putting me to the very ends of my range every time (because thats how it works right?). Theres a warmup option that says "coming soon;" I dont know if thats supposed to mean its not been implemented yet or if Im supposed to unlock it but as with any exercise routine, you need a warmup EVERY TIME and this app doesnt offer that yet. The app doesnt even give any advice about breathing techniques or holding notes; it just gives games that require a ton of breath and expects you to do it. Anyone who is trying this app without knowing they need to breathe with their diaphragm is in for a bad time because this app is not one that will train you how to sing, it just gives you lessons to sing and hopes you improve somehow. Im not giving this app a one star rating because its still a new app and has lots of room for improvement. With the features that are currently coming soon however, it doesnt look like the app is going to teach singers how to breathe or use their resonators so Im going to stick with the more in depth Voxtrain app.

Great app, but-

This is the best singing app Ive seen but I have one complaint- not being able to do past exercises until theyre available again on a different day is pretty inconvenient. Otherwise I would recommend this to anyone!

Effective, Easy, and Free!

This app was recommended to me and I love it! The app is easy and has great graphics. I love using it to warm up. Its so fun and great for kids.

Not ready yet (I hope!)

I have been singing all my life but havent had technical training, so I was looking for something that could teach me some warmups and techniques that may protect my voice and help me improve my skills. This app is NOT that. This game is either not ready or just completely terrible altogether. The first and only exercise it offers me is called "Head Voice Tease". It requires signing 7 notes in ascending keys to the sound of a warbling synth pad - the "sample" to get you ready has clear piano backing, but once you actually start there is a ridiculous reverb that completely smothers your changing starting notes. Also, you should turn off the "listen as you sing" setting, or else you will be hearing a pulsating reverb of your own voice further muddying the sound. Then, after this game pushes you far past where your vocal range is set, it gives you an indecipherable grading page. What is the grading out of? Where did I go wrong? The only tip or suggestion given was to check my vocal range, which I did, however it still gave me notes well beyond my settings. Why are the warm ups locked? Why does it start with "Head Voice" and not "Foundations"? Why is there no explanation for the grading? This app is a mess. It is a good idea and definitely has potential, but at this point it is only frustrating.

The best singing app ever!!

I love this app, And its free! Its a great way to practice. I also take singing lessons and its good to have a foundation of understanding how to protect your larynx. Truly I love this app o use it every day for practice and I can really see results!

Great app!

Cool exercises, and effective technique building! Definitely recommend.


Vanido is the best app I have. My voice started out really weak when I used to sing and now its a beautiful lovely voice of mine.

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