Vanido - Your personal singing coach App Reviews

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Good idea but keeps glitching

I Have tried it on my iPad and my iPod and it has not worked even if I try to turn the microphone off. hopefully an android version will also become available and this will be fixed

Im already in love ❤️

This app is just amazing, seriously! ?

Fun way to practice every day!

I enjoy singing a lot and took vocal lessons in college. Im not a professional or anything but this app is a lot of fun and makes it easy to stay consistent in practice. It would be cool if they had basic scales that you could do anytime (in addition to the exercises that rotate each day).

Basses beware

As a bass singer, this app is useless: it has a hard cutoff at about F2, and any notes below that simply dont register at all. (Its not a problem with my microphone, as they come across fine when I make a recording of myself with the same setup.) Considering that my current range goes down to C#2, this makes Vanido practically worthless.


So fun

Found what I was looking for

I have been looking for vocal warmups both app and on YouTube. Finally I found this gem and it serves every need. I like how I can learn new warmups daily, and still return to the ones I started off with. My daughter likes listening to me warmup just for fun. This app helps me prepare for choir rehearsals and Sunday Choir Service. ??


One of the best music learning app i have used so far.. incomparable


Thank you.

If you like to sing

Absolutely love this app! Cant wait for the new exercises

Ok but minor glitch

I LOVE this app, but whenever a song is playing or I am singing, the song fades in and out and its rilly choppy. PLEASE change this cause ur app has a lot of potential if that glitch goes away! Thx!!!

Like luminosity for your vocals

This is perfect for any aspiring singer or someone who wants to practice their vocal range on the go. Youre always on your phone anyway so why not work on your vocals while youre at it. Its like having your own personal vocal coach but better with a Visual representation of your range and notes youre hitting. What a perfect start to this, simple design as well.

Fun making progress

This is a fun way to help you sing better. I can "see" where my pitch is compared to the one played. I challenge myself to get higher scores so it keeps me practicing. I love it.

❤️ it!

I absolutely love it. It really helps me hit notes. Ive noticed that its really helpful it is a wonderful app and if you were thinking about getting it get it it will help you.

The thing is...

I dont know if this works but at least it lets me know that Im bad at singing

Needs a few tweaks

The app works fine, but at no point does it ask you want you want to accomplish. Could be a better use if it knew what I wanted. Also, its hard to hear the piano as youre singing with the headphones on, so sometimes you lose some pitch just because you cant hear the note.


I sing extremely better and I when I hear the piano key I automatically know what note to sing

So fun!

Just wish there was more to do! (I think its coming)

Great app for changing voices!

I am a male changing voice in middle school chorus and this helps my pitch and helps me hear better. I love how it makes it in to a game. I keep doing it every time to try and get three stars!!!


I love it! Its fun, its easy, and my voice is getting stronger! Definitely recommend it!

Great fun way to train your singing!

Im not a professional singer by any stretch, but doing the exercises on this app gives me the confidence to let it all hang out on Karaoke. Not to mention sing more often, which makes us all happy. Stellar idea and wonderful app!

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