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Vanido - Your personal singing coach

Music Education
Developer: Himanshu Singh

Learn to sing and improve your ear with Vanido. It’s engaging, fun and free!

FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY, learn to sing a new Christmas carol every day until Christmas day!

Vanido is changing the way people learn and practice singing.

Daily singing sessions are delivered to train your voice and ear. Each session is personalized according to your vocal range and past performance. You can track your pitch in real-time, review recordings and evaluate your progress.


• Personalized: Each game is tailored to your singing range so that you’re always comfortable.
• Daily sessions: Every day, 3 different games are delivered right to your mobile phone.
• Goal-based exercises: Exercises that cover a range of essential singing skills like foundational singing, head voice, chest voice and flexibility. And we are always adding more!
• Real-time visual feedback: Get feedback on your pitch as you sing. Helps train your ear, improve timing, and know when you’re off the pitch.
• Stay disciplined: Track your progress, set challenging goals and practice every day.
• Recordings: Review your game performance by listening to key-specific recordings.
• Listen as you sing: Listen to your own voice in real-time as you practice singing exercises.
• And more to come!

Vanido’s exercises are designed in collaboration with vocal coaches and it is based on scientific research. Real-time visual pitch detection has been shown to result in improvement in pitch by 90%, compared to when no such visual feedback is given.

Vanido is in active development. We are improving with every update. Report bugs and give us feedback at