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Vanido - Your personal singing coach app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 672 ratings )
Music Education
Developer: Himanshu Singh
Current version: 0.5.4, last update: 3 months ago
First release : 14 Nov 2016
App size: 56.06 Mb

Learn to sing and improve your ear with Vanido. It’s engaging, fun and free!

FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY, learn to sing a new Christmas carol every day until Christmas day!

Vanido is changing the way people learn and practice singing.

Daily singing sessions are delivered to train your voice and ear. Each session is personalized according to your vocal range and past performance. You can track your pitch in real-time, review recordings and evaluate your progress.


• Personalized: Each game is tailored to your singing range so that you’re always comfortable.
• Daily sessions: Every day, 3 different games are delivered right to your mobile phone.
• Goal-based exercises: Exercises that cover a range of essential singing skills like foundational singing, head voice, chest voice and flexibility. And we are always adding more!
• Real-time visual feedback: Get feedback on your pitch as you sing. Helps train your ear, improve timing, and know when you’re off the pitch.
• Stay disciplined: Track your progress, set challenging goals and practice every day.
• Recordings: Review your game performance by listening to key-specific recordings.
• Listen as you sing: Listen to your own voice in real-time as you practice singing exercises.
• And more to come!

Vanido’s exercises are designed in collaboration with vocal coaches and it is based on scientific research. Real-time visual pitch detection has been shown to result in improvement in pitch by 90%, compared to when no such visual feedback is given.

Vanido is in active development. We are improving with every update. Report bugs and give us feedback at

Pros and cons of Vanido - Your personal singing coach app for iPhone and iPad

Vanido - Your personal singing coach app good for

Let us finally be able to change our profile photos & it will be 5 stars. Seriously I love this app.
Beautiful and simple... doesnt teach singing so much as it provides good warm ups. More exercises, more intensity, more often please! There have been bugs with microphone but the team has actually been fixing them, which is nice
I love your app (and if I could Id rate it 4.5 stars) the only problem is its a bit crashy. The app is great and I hope you will consider fixing this :)
I stopped using this app for a bit because I am a mainly a bass and it had trouble picking up my range, causing low scores, but its much better now and usable for low-pitched singers like myself. Definitely recommend.
Excellent app to practice singing. However has a few quirks Would like to have the option to choose a previously played level, instead of just restricted to the new one currently enabled.
The only app Ive found so far for training voice. Simple but quite helpful.

Some bad moments

I love this app but it will only let you practice what it wants you to practice every day. Once I unlock lessons I should be able to use them again and again. I would pay to unlock all the sessions but they wont let me. so 1 star
After trying it for a few weeks, I dont really feel like Im learning to sing. It just seems that Im practicing but Im not really improving our learning more about it. I expected there to be some kind of progression in the exercises that would eventually nudge you to greater skill but now I see that there isnt.
I really like this app, however its very unstable on my iphone 5 It gets the good things of the crowded brain training market, and help in an area that does good to the brain and soul, i hope you give us more settings to keep using it on this celnphone (reduce quality), or you bring soon the android version
Not really sure how it works. When you hear what you were supposed to be singing and then it takes you to the singing place, it would be better if it told you when to start and to go into different keys but it just isnt clear about what youre supposed to do, especially for a beginner
Im already pretty loyal to another singing app (Voxtrain), but I gave this app a shot for a few days because the reviews claimed it was the best ever. What I got was an app whose main capability was putting me to the very ends of my range every time (because thats how it works right?). Theres a warmup option that says "coming soon;" I dont know if thats supposed to mean its not been implemented yet or if Im supposed to unlock it but as with any exercise routine, you need a warmup EVERY TIME and this app doesnt offer that yet. The app doesnt even give any advice about breathing techniques or holding notes; it just gives games that require a ton of breath and expects you to do it. Anyone who is trying this app without knowing they need to breathe with their diaphragm is in for a bad time because this app is not one that will train you how to sing, it just gives you lessons to sing and hopes you improve somehow. Im not giving this app a one star rating because its still a new app and has lots of room for improvement. With the features that are currently coming soon however, it doesnt look like the app is going to teach singers how to breathe or use their resonators so Im going to stick with the more in depth Voxtrain app.
I have been singing all my life but havent had technical training, so I was looking for something that could teach me some warmups and techniques that may protect my voice and help me improve my skills. This app is NOT that. This game is either not ready or just completely terrible altogether. The first and only exercise it offers me is called "Head Voice Tease". It requires signing 7 notes in ascending keys to the sound of a warbling synth pad - the "sample" to get you ready has clear piano backing, but once you actually start there is a ridiculous reverb that completely smothers your changing starting notes. Also, you should turn off the "listen as you sing" setting, or else you will be hearing a pulsating reverb of your own voice further muddying the sound. Then, after this game pushes you far past where your vocal range is set, it gives you an indecipherable grading page. What is the grading out of? Where did I go wrong? The only tip or suggestion given was to check my vocal range, which I did, however it still gave me notes well beyond my settings. Why are the warm ups locked? Why does it start with "Head Voice" and not "Foundations"? Why is there no explanation for the grading? This app is a mess. It is a good idea and definitely has potential, but at this point it is only frustrating.

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