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Great idea but glitchy?

Not sure if its my iPod or what but when I try to do the exercises its all glitchy and I cant hear it properly. Bummer cause the app is an awesome design.

Fun app

My experience with singing is: Ive done it in the car and to my kids when they were little, and I vaguely recognize the structure of warmups from pop culture like tv shows. I am enjoying this app so far. Its cute and while I dont expect it to turn me into an amazing singer, it seems to be a useful tool to learn out how to sing on key. My 10 year old was put off the first day (it moves fast for a beginner and she is a perfectionist). Today she tried the exercise that was monotone and was really excited and wanted to have it installed on her iPod. If there was a super-slow or super-beginner mode where you learn to hold single notes for several beats, I think she would get a lot of use out of it before learning how to follow the patterns. Learning the sound pattern *and* needing to shift the pitch each time is a bit much for her, especially when you only hold most of the notes for one beat.

Functional, beautiful and no ads

What more could you want? Its perfect.

So great! Only one glitch.

This app is excellent. Completely free. No ads. Quick and easy sign up. Only one glitch- it sometimes doesnt pick up my voice even when Im singing the note

Wireless Headphones

No way to use your wireless headphones.

Seems interesting but marketed to the wrong audience

This is really targeted at people with a background in having learnt to sing with formal education. Immediately it drops technical jargon in without a drop of explanation. "Sing as high as you can without falsetto" - I dont know what the technical definition of falsetto is. First lesson: chest voice - what the heck is a chest voice.

Lots of potential

This is an early stage app so I hesitate to go into too much detail, but I think it has a lot of potential. Ill definitely be sharing it with my vocally-inclined friends


Its a great idea, but when doing the practices, it breaks and studders as it tries (and fails) to pick up on the notes that you sing. Very frustrating.

Excited to try this out!

Ill update this when Ive had enough field time with it :)

This app made me want to be a better person

Gone are the days where I have to troll through Craigslist to find some decrepit signing coach. I can now fine tune my throat trumpet using nothing but the smartphone in my own pocket.


Fun and easy but app quits A LOT

Doesnt work

It crashes before i can even start singing

Dont use when youve had a cold.

Great app, the pain this brought me from not wanting to wait until I was completely healed was almost worth it.


Lessons 10/10. I really appreciate that its free.


Fantastic idea and so far well executed. I will suffer the early bugs to see where this awesome app goes. ✌️

fix pls

It crashes too often, cant use it


Certainly great for starters

best app ever!!!

Holy crap. This app is so good for teaching singing and keeping your voice in shape! Highly recommend!!!!

Fantastic app!

Sweet app you guys! Fun too!

Works well for the most part

Its a pretty great app but still has bugs. For instance, while exercising the app doesnt recognize low end pitches though is expects you to sing them anyway. When I get to around F2 and below it stops registering my voice and gives me a poor score which isnt very encouraging. And the immediate voice feedback is scratchy. While I do have some complaints for bugs its a very good app and fairly well featured, though I can see a need for a number of additional exercises but that may come in the future.

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