Vanido: Learn to sing App Reviews

Love it


Now working good



Great app!!!


Great app ??

Apple Music

I started using this app to improve my singing, and its worked so far. My only issue with the app is if you wan to learn how to sing your favorite songs better, you have to use Apple Music or Spotify. Why can’t it just access your music library! I bought those songs with MY money but I can only sing them if it’s in Apple Music!!! CHANGE THIS PLEASE!!!


Tried to use the app after download, and it just keeps looping between the sign up page and the page where it measures your range.

This app is great

App is great in app purchases don’t bother experience only reason why it’s not a five because this app can be improved with depth, links to techniques, uses, examples, compatibility , and advice or commentary from singers. OVERALL ITS A HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO PEOPLE

Does not go past registration

No matter how many times I tried to sign in, it still takes me to home page.

Great app - impressed

Takes a bit of getting used to, but worth the effort. Good concept, and decent execution (some minor wrinkles, as other reviewers point out). Recommended.

Lots of fun

It definitely shows me the areas that I need work that I was unaware it’s a challenge it’s lots of fun it’s a Happy game I love it

Getting results after two months

I’ve been using this app for about two months now, almost every day. Last recording session my bandmate said “I was totally skeptical when you first mentioned your singing app, but I have to admit, it really seems to be working. Your pitch has noticably improved. ” I’ve found it works best in a parked car. I can hear myself better, there is no background noise to throw it off, and I don’t torture my household.

App hears itself??

The app was making this weird noise, and I couldn’t find out why until I realized it was getting louder and louder and the pitch was getting higher and higher. I couldn’t even use the app, so I rate it one star

This App is Coded to Lie!

Sit in a running car and let a session go. You’ll see that the app gives you fake positive feedback due to sound of the car engine. I had a near perfect score without opening my mouth. Coded to lie to you!


It’s great, but I wish it had warmups


It wouldn’t even let me sign up! Once I got my name,email, and password done. It asked me to log in, when I tried this it took me to the beginning step again. I tried for about half an hour😂 still didn’t work! Am I going crazy?

Good way to exercise the voice

Vanido gives a variety of exercises to test the voice.


There is bug where I can’t get pass the first exercise of the day. It goes to a long grading process and message pops up saying Something went wrong. Please fix now otherwise I will lose my streak.


How does this teach me anything.....? 🧐

I want my money back

I purchased the app and it is stuck on the screen for practicing songs. Restarted and everything, nothing works

Needs work

This app was good at the beginning but then started glitching. Then I realized what the reviewer above mentioned, that the app heard itself and gave a score only because the piano was the thing it was recording. Needs to fix this if it ever wants to be a useful app instead of something just wasting time.


incredible app I have no words

Good stuff


Can’t get started

Tried over and over to set up the account and get started. I’m the person other people ask so set up their networks. I know computers. I was in a continual loop of trying to set up and having my range identified.

Can’t get past the login

I set up an account, but it keeps asking me to log in. Help!


I used it for a day, then tried to open it and look at my lesson progress, maybe improve. I clicked on the “chest voice” lesson, and it crashed the app. I tried again with foundation and head voice, but it crashed again. I am trying it one more time because maybe it was my internet or cellular. I will be back. Edit: I said I would be back and I am. I tried to give the app a second chance, but now I can’t even login to my account! I’m so over this app. 😡😡😡 I only gave it one star because I have to give it a rating to actually rate. If not, I would give it zero stars.

More exercises

I love the app I just wish you could do more than 3 exercises a day

More voice choices?

My wife has good voice and I was surprised that the Vanido voice wasn’t better and something she could emulate. We learn through imitation and the Vanido voice really isn’t a great model.

Great app. Some theory would definitely help.

Will definitely subscribe if the apps offers some theory on vocal and music in general.

I loved it.. then it became another “free” app..

It is such a great app.. it was also completely free. Now it has IAPs and I don’t want to spend money on such a small app.

No lessons

Great app for vocal warmups but it doesn’t really include any lessons or constructive criticism or advice. If you’re looking for vocal lessons or a singing coach app, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Can’t log in

I can’t log in and get past the voice range test. What gives?

I’m better

Since I got this app I’m so good at singing Thx. P.S. Thank you so much!

No actual guidance to learn how to sing at all

This dosent actually teach you

Great vocal exercises

I love this app. I love how each lesson is demonstrated before I can sing it.

I like this so far

Great exercises to help with vocals!


Thats wonderful. Be sure...its awesome


This is fun!


I love this app

App Just Doesn't Hear Correctly

My biggest problem with this app is that the app hears its self. I first noticed it when I was doing the training and my voice choked and I stopped singing, when I looked back at my phone I ended up getting 3 stars. So I tried again and didn't even open my mouth and I got 3 starts yet again. I thought it was just my volume being to high which was part of it, but just the same on the lower volume it still picked up on the low volume. I wish that the screen would have a rotation mode where I could put the phone upside down so the volume would flow somewhere else or something to solve this problem. I love the training and I feel like it would help me so much if it actually judged my voice instead of the piano. I gave this review four stars because I can always just use head phones or turn off the volume completely, so there are solutions but I just like singing and hearing myself not just the apps piano.

Learn to sing not mimic

This is a great app for actually learning what your voice can do and how to sing. Most other apps just have you following lines for your favorite songs, but they don’t show you how to work on different parts of your range and where you should be making the sounds from.

Bug issue

[F] Made an account. Did the vocal range test. Pressed foundations and they kept on making me sing lower and lower till it was definitely out of my voice range. Wouldn’t even go up, just kept on going down till i was out of ohs.

Love & Feedback

I REALLY LOVE THIS!!! I have no clue how to sing and sound like a freaking Pterodactyl when I try and this app is just wonderful to help me learn about pitch and all that. FOR THE NEXT UPDATE COULD YOU GUYS MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO LISTEN THROUGH BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES WHILE PRACTICING? I’m asking because I noticed that without headphones, the pitch meter was jumping up/down because of the sound from my phone as I listen to the exercises. I tried connecting some Bluetooth headphones but the sound would only come out of the phone while using the app. Everything else on my phone works with the Bluetooth headphones except for this app. So I would really like for this to be possible. I’m using an iPhone X with the latest iOS 11 update, if that helps (not sure if it’s just my phone or not).

Great idea for habit builder, buggy but could use improvement

Pretty good routine that last less than 15 minutes. I do it before and after going to work on the way. Just Don’t care about the neighbours hehe. Sometimes it got buggy and crash the graphic screen but there was audio still coming out. But it went away with time.

Nice short practice time

This is s very useful app. I learned not to use my Bluetooth headset while singing since it doesn’t transmit pitch correctly. Also I learned that the voice samples don’t work correctly. If I use the voice sample the app won’t have sound in the repeat exercise. I have to use the piano sample.


You guys should put games and put more free FULL GOOD songs to sing to play around

Great simple app

Maybe there’s hope me singing after all.

neat idea

i wonder how they plan to use the voice data.

Good exercises, but songs lack user control.

The exercise visualization is nice. The “Perform” tab lacks user control while playing a song. The user should have options to control when to go to the next section of a song. The lyrics for a section should scroll by in sync with the song, with an option to toggle this. The user should have the option of replaying a section’s audio as many times as they want, so that they may hear the lyrics and commit the timing to memory. Because of the previous suggestion, the user should also have the option to choose when to start recording their voice for a section, and because of the first suggestion they would also be able to re-record until they’re happy with the results. The lack of lyrics is the biggest annoyance for me. I agree with one of the other reviews which mentions adding levels controls for the user’s voice. Hope to see these improvements to the app soon.

Misleading scores

The exercises are what I have been doing the last two days since I installed the app. They are interesting. It made me feel I was getting somewhere when my score improved every time I practiced . But then I realized it didn’t matter how good my voice is because it is th sound of the piano notes in the background that carries the score for you. I ran a couple of practices without even making a squeak. The amazing app gave me that “ girl on fiyaa “ feedback. Ridiculous

I wanted to like it

Great concept but the execution is lacking. There is no feedback or coaching or instruction at all, and the scores seem arbitrary because there is no explanation of where they come from. The worst thing is the way the microphone cuts in and out, which I have seen mentioned in other reviews as well.


This is an awesome app I love that it grades your performance and the whole concept of the app is amazing for others that do not have lots of time but a few minutes just an amazing app!

Wow 😲 😯 😮

It’s beautiful 😍

Shows your strengths and weaknesses

In this app they really emphasize how much you can improve. I know for me that I pretty much much say I’m good at singing, but hearing my recordings made me realize that even if I sound good I still need to learn all the basics of singing. This app is great for beginners or intermediates!

I can Sing

I love the way you created the because now I know how to sing and how did you do that. 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

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