Vanido: Learn to sing 앱 리뷰


I’m only on my second day, but I’m loving it! I just wish I could practice for longer!

Fun but needs improvement

This app is a lot of fun. Good voice recognition and helpful learning exercises. It just sometimes doesn’t work. Especially the song choices at the end. It would also be nice if you had other music player choice besides Spotify or Apple. Thanks

really good, only lets u practice 2 mins/day :(

Wish I could do more at a time because otherwise it’s great so far.


I’m novice as all get loose, but this helps you feel you can connect with your voice and the lessons are GOOOOOOOD! I feel exercised, but not exhausted. I’m learning things about my voice and music. Great design and experience!!


I just wanted to say that this is my first time writing a review without the app asking me to. But I love this app! It has been so helpful for preparing for my choir concerts and solos. It’s really helping me learn to maintain my voice. Is that the right word for it? Idk. Anyway, the app is great! Keep up the good work!

The app doesn’t work

When I try to test my voice, the app glitches and closes out.

Great app, fun, improves singing, one isssue.

I think that it would really improve the app if it was compatible with Apple Music in the same way it is with Spotify.

No warmups

There’s no warm up exercises and also the layout is off on iPhone X

No Lyrics. Have to have song memorized :(

This app could be wonderful, but it lacks lyrics. It would take a lot of the pressure of hitting notes off if you weren’t also trying to remember the ding-danged lyrics. In the interest of full disclosure: I also can’t chew bubble gum and walk at the same time.

So cool!

I’ve always been too manly to get singing lessons, but this is totally a way!! 3 stars because it doesn’t always work... all the sudden my pitch won’t show up on the screen.... that it kind of the whole point. This seems to be because of a sort of crackling that makes it try to decide between a really low pitch or high pitch and it ends up just giving up. I would blame this on the headphones, but they’re from Apple and do very clear audio recordings. Or it just won’t work at all. But normally, the dot will move and twitch between a really low pitch and the pitch I’m actually at

Unnecessary and Sloppy Registration

I shouldn't need an account to use a standalone app. I might be convinced if there was a real iPad app but there isn't so you don't have data to sync on my end. Furthermore if you're going to offer google or Facebook registrations then at least push them through their respective apps, I'm not breaking out my 2FA to login through your lazy Safari View Controller. Rest of the app is ok. Runs you through some basic vocal exercises but you're probably better off just finding some YouTube lessons.

Just the right thing

Just got this app, and it is just what I needed to practice singing and measure my progress! Highly recommend it!


Not much instruction, wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. They very first exercise I just let it play through without doing anything because I was trying to figure it out, the ambient noise in my house was apparently right on key though because it showed the vocal line and scored me perfectly. The second lesson however didn’t work at all, no matter what I tried it didn’t pick up my voice.

Potential with a big problem

On the first exercise, (head voice) when I plugged in my headphones the microphone refused to work. This is strange because I can take calls from it and have used to record previously. The program warns you that it will not play the notes when used without headphones which makes sense. However it was the only way I was able to complete the exercise.

Terrible on iPhone X

I have to hit buttons like 10 times before they do anything. And the pause/close button is underneath the time. Very clunky app. Also. Have issues with my audio being choppy while using the Apple headphones sometimes. And the delay on Bluetooth headphones with the voice feedback is awful. Couldn’t find a way to actually get voice feedback to disable.


Would be great if the songs had lyrics

LOVE LOVE LOVE 🤩... but a few adjustments

i would give this app a 4.8, but not five only because i don’t enjoy singing short sections when i have apple music! PLEASE HURRY UP THAT UPDATE 🤞🏽

Great but needs iPad support

Needs iPad support but great app!


Fun app with good live feedback on your pitch on exercises and overlay of your voice with the song. A few suggestions: let the user adjust the levels of their recorded playback and the snippet of the actual song independently, let the user scrub back to replay an earlier recorded section, let the user stop performing the song early if they choose, add a save button to previous recordings. The buttons for the iPhone X could be larger or otherwise more responsive. I'm also having some trouble with my mic disconnecting or coming in and out, and I don't think it's a hardware issue since I can pull up another app and record fine when I encounter the issue mid performance. More song choice would also be welcome.

No lyrics

No running lyrics

Cool beanz

Cool cool beanz


Great voice training app and I can't believe it's free. I’d pay for it.


I've always liked to sing, specifically to sing along to songs or sing along with other people. I downloaded this app to help me to to learn how to sing on key, because I can only sing along. So far this app is just very confusing, it seems to just throw you into a lesson with very little help or feedback and makes me sing at notes I don't know how to reach without actually knowing them (having another voice to base it off of).


Nice design, works smoothly, and does teach how to sing better.


They need to add types like contemporary and worship Christian music if they are wanting me to use the app

I love it!

Its just great

Amazing tool

Love it!

So cool

This app is awesome it helps me know where my pitch is on a tune and now instead of hoping I do great with the update I can sing songs! Which is helping I am doing a small duet and this is going to help!

Ok but could be better

I like the exercises but am frustrated I can't go back to a prior day. Also, when you practice the song, there is no feedback as to whether you are in tune or any way to tell if you are improving. (The recording indicator only seems to indicate volume). And I'd rather pay for the app than pay Spotify.


Seriously. Helps the tone deaf.

Great way to get singing

Rainbow coded and visual scales with singing exercises, and now paired with spotify premium to sing along with favorite songs. Great app!

Good for Beginners

This app provides vocal exercises designed to improve pitch. I have no vocal experience. After a couple of weeks using the app on/off there's been noticable improvement. I don't expect this app to make me a good singer, but it is helping me improve my pitch, which is a small but important part of singing.


when will this app be compatible with apple music?

Need paid Spotify subscription

The new feature is not useful. It is third party(Spotify) dependent. I don't think it is a very good idea to introduce a major feature in an app that depend on the subscription on another app.


I used to think that this was a cool idea although slightly underdeveloped. I was especially excited to try out "performing" to some actually songs. But now, after the update, not only can you not do more than 3 workouts a day, you have to pay for Spotify premium to use it.

Fantastic absolutely fantastic

You have to give this a try it is incredibly amazing!!!!!!


Is there any other app that will tell you "you're a glitter bomb of glory"?! Priceless. It would be great to be able to practice previous exercises and not just the last three (maybe as a paid version?). Congrats devs and keep up the good work!

Not working

Won't work and keeps on suggesting to update


What's up with this app? It used to work so well before the update; now it won't register the notes I sing and it says I didn't sing! Not to mention I really want the perform feature to work but whenever I try connecting it to Spotify it fails :( I'll be deleting the app to save storage on more useful things

Isn't working

Great app!!!! But the song feature isn't working. Keeps saying I need to update, but I'm already up-to-date. It connects to my Spotify, and then does nothing.

Disappointed in update

Downloaded latest version. It keeps telling me I need to updated. Connected to Spotify but can't get the new feature to work.

Update glitches

The new update is so glitchy that most times it won't even open! I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. Sigh, loved this app before now, and am sure I will love it even more once the glitches are worked out


The new update isn't working

Learning to sing on key!

The app has made a significant difference to my singing already with only the basic exercises. I find myself singing on key in church and can tell that I'm on key, especially with piano music... It might be helpful to be able to practice listening to other instruments as well or listening to cords. Regardless, it's impressive how much I have improved. My issues with the app are that it can be buggy, especially as I try to get the new integration with Spotify working. It would be awesome for that to work

New song training feature not working

It asks me to update so I can use the new feature but I've already updated and linked my Spotify account.

Still some bugs

Using headphones the microphone and or speakers don't work. Wonderful idea! This is going to be an amazing tool. Needs some refinement.

New feature not working

I'll start by saying I'm pumped to be able to practice singing actual songs. That being said, I cannot currently do so. My app is up-to-date, but it keeps telling me to get the latest update and even when I authorize Spotify, I'm just redirected to the Vanido home screen. It just keeps cycling around.

Doesn't work

He mic never pics up any audio. It gives me 0 points because it says I didn't sing. Also the piano sometimes doesn't play in the headphones.

Started out ok, level 3 just way too hard.

Levels one and two were at a good pace. Challenging but not impossible. Level 3 was just impossible. Too fast, too big of a range, too much of a tongue twister, all at once. Frustrating. Gave up.


This app is awesome! I've been using it for about a year and I love the visual displays of how I'm doing while I sing that can help me understand my voice better. However, within the new update that allows you to sing a variety of songs, I feel that the range of genres should be bigger for people like myself who have musical tastes that reside in theatre and other things like that.

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