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Beautiful app




Love it

Great app

No meaningful feedback

First off, you have to use headphones, otherwise the app hears itself and can’t properly judge you your voice. Not ideal, but workable. The main problems are that there is no way to judge your progress, or really even assess how you did. You get a “score”, butt there is no breakdown of what the score means. There are no suggestions on how to improve. The app is a neat prompt to get in a bit of singing each day, but it doesn’t offer much else. Also there seems to be no reward for ‘leveling up’. No new lessons, no advanced skills, no extra features, no incentive to keep up a streak other than personal habit.


It hears the piano when it picks what note ur at you get 2 or 3 star everytime!!!

Sign up does not work

Tried like other recent reviewers to sign up after the vocal range assessment and it just keeps either triggering an error page or looping back to the set up screen to do the vocal range again. I tried setting up via Facebook, google, and through email and NONE of those methods have worked to get me past the vocal test. This is absolutely ridiculous that the app can’t even enroll new users.

Can’t even sign up

It will not let me sign up, keeps saying “vocal range user must exist”. I can’t seem to fix it.

Doesn’t log in

I’ve tried every login option multiple times. Just doesn’t work. If you work for Vanido please help me fix this (the App Support button on the App Store doesn’t work)

Email, Facebook doesn’t go through...

The app let me go through the vocal range assessment, but once I tried to sign up it said that there was an error. I tried to do it a couple of times, but it didn’t work. I gave up.

Can’t even make an account?

Every time I try to sign up using Facebook, google, or email, it tells me the change was rejected. This is so disappointing.

Can’t login with email!

I tried three different times to login with my email address after I created an account and all the app did was circle back to the start up screen. It’s like it only wants you to login with FB or Google! Not cool. The scale registering my singing range before signing up was cool though.

Can’t even sign up

Keep getting “Something went wrong” error. No further explanation.


Often, the exercises are off in some way. Either there is lag with the audio, or the app hears itself and it messes up your score. Recently, it’s making an awful high-pitched sound that hurts my ears during the warm-ups. Unfortunately, it has become unusable. I really hope this gets fixed so I can use it again.

Won’t let me move on

After I’ve given my vocal range and log in I get sent right back to the homepage every time. It won’t let me move on and I don’t know why.

Scoring System?

I like this app, but I have no idea what a perfect score is, so I really don’t know how I’m doing. Vanido does not explain its grading system anywhere. It’s frustrating bc I’d like to know how well I sing.

Not As Good As Expected

From the description it seems like a great tool, but it isn’t. You have to pay for all types of exercises and it doesn’t give you any feedback. So it’s only useful to experienced vocalist that know what problems to look for, but if you can critique yourself you most likely aren’t using this app in the first place. You also have to pay to sing along to songs on Apple Music or Spotify. In general it is just not that helpful.

Log in loop

The log in and voice test process is a continual loop - could never get to the first lesson. App just keeps asking you to log in, runs voice test, then asks you to log in again.

Couldn’t Get In (edit: i’m stupid)

I couldn’t get in. I could go onto the app, perform the task given to find my vocal range by singing “ah” as high and low as I can. Then it asks me to sign up, i choose to use my email to sign up. Then, it brings me back to beginning. I check my mailbox and I have no request to confirm my email. So, I press the login button on the app to try to log into my account. I put in the correct info and it just brings me back to finding my vocal range and the cycle keeps continuing. I tried deleting and reinstalling, restarting my phone, nothing. Edit: It was just me being stupid. I used gmail so I had to press the google sign in rather than email sign in. I always assume the google sign in means Google+ (which i don’t have)

Can’t even log in?

I have tried logging in with multiple accounts (2 different emails, and one Facebook) but when I sign in on Facebook, it tells me to check the logs if I’m the owner of the application, and when I log in with either of my emails, it just brings me back to the screen I started with- a blank log in screen... I never leave bad reviews, but I was really excited to try this app out, and I have read other reviews saying the same exact things I have. Please work on it, because I’d like to be able to enjoy this application


This app is deceiving because it says that everything is free but when you download it you have to pay to have access to all of the singing exercises. The exercises that are free are good but you end up doing the same exercises each day which gets boring. Also, when you have no streak or a very small one it gives you a lower grade no matter how well you sing which isn’t fair. It hasn’t really helped me very much, and you can get something much better than this for free.

won’t let you log in

it won’t let you log in. you make an account and try to start your first lesson then makes you log in over and over. can’t even use it! worthless

App Hears Self, Ratings aren’t clear

The app hears itself, which throws of the audio feedback visual on the screen and what key you’re in. Would be great if each note was labeled on the side and not just the beginning of the octave. There’s no clear explanation of the ratings.

Apple Music

I started using this app to improve my singing, and its worked so far. My only issue with the app is if you wan to learn how to sing your favorite songs better, you have to use Apple Music or Spotify. Why can’t it just access your music library! I bought those songs with MY money but I can only sing them if it’s in Apple Music!!! CHANGE THIS PLEASE!!!


Tried to use the app after download, and it just keeps looping between the sign up page and the page where it measures your range.

This app is great

App is great in app purchases don’t bother experience only reason why it’s not a five because this app can be improved with depth, links to techniques, uses, examples, compatibility , and advice or commentary from singers. OVERALL ITS A HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO PEOPLE

Does not go past registration

No matter how many times I tried to sign in, it still takes me to home page.

Great app - impressed

Takes a bit of getting used to, but worth the effort. Good concept, and decent execution (some minor wrinkles, as other reviewers point out). Recommended.

Lots of fun

It definitely shows me the areas that I need work that I was unaware it’s a challenge it’s lots of fun it’s a Happy game I love it

Getting results after two months

I’ve been using this app for about two months now, almost every day. Last recording session my bandmate said “I was totally skeptical when you first mentioned your singing app, but I have to admit, it really seems to be working. Your pitch has noticably improved. ” I’ve found it works best in a parked car. I can hear myself better, there is no background noise to throw it off, and I don’t torture my household.

App hears itself??

The app was making this weird noise, and I couldn’t find out why until I realized it was getting louder and louder and the pitch was getting higher and higher. I couldn’t even use the app, so I rate it one star

This App is Coded to Lie!

Sit in a running car and let a session go. You’ll see that the app gives you fake positive feedback due to sound of the car engine. I had a near perfect score without opening my mouth. Coded to lie to you!


It’s great, but I wish it had warmups


It wouldn’t even let me sign up! Once I got my name,email, and password done. It asked me to log in, when I tried this it took me to the beginning step again. I tried for about half an hour😂 still didn’t work! Am I going crazy?

Good way to exercise the voice

Vanido gives a variety of exercises to test the voice.


There is bug where I can’t get pass the first exercise of the day. It goes to a long grading process and message pops up saying Something went wrong. Please fix now otherwise I will lose my streak.


How does this teach me anything.....? 🧐

I want my money back

I purchased the app and it is stuck on the screen for practicing songs. Restarted and everything, nothing works

Needs work

This app was good at the beginning but then started glitching. Then I realized what the reviewer above mentioned, that the app heard itself and gave a score only because the piano was the thing it was recording. Needs to fix this if it ever wants to be a useful app instead of something just wasting time.


incredible app I have no words

Good stuff


Can’t get started

Tried over and over to set up the account and get started. I’m the person other people ask so set up their networks. I know computers. I was in a continual loop of trying to set up and having my range identified.

Can’t get past the login

I set up an account, but it keeps asking me to log in. Help!


I used it for a day, then tried to open it and look at my lesson progress, maybe improve. I clicked on the “chest voice” lesson, and it crashed the app. I tried again with foundation and head voice, but it crashed again. I am trying it one more time because maybe it was my internet or cellular. I will be back. Edit: I said I would be back and I am. I tried to give the app a second chance, but now I can’t even login to my account! I’m so over this app. 😡😡😡 I only gave it one star because I have to give it a rating to actually rate. If not, I would give it zero stars.

More exercises

I love the app I just wish you could do more than 3 exercises a day

More voice choices?

My wife has good voice and I was surprised that the Vanido voice wasn’t better and something she could emulate. We learn through imitation and the Vanido voice really isn’t a great model.

Great app. Some theory would definitely help.

Will definitely subscribe if the apps offers some theory on vocal and music in general.

I loved it.. then it became another “free” app..

It is such a great app.. it was also completely free. Now it has IAPs and I don’t want to spend money on such a small app.

No lessons

Great app for vocal warmups but it doesn’t really include any lessons or constructive criticism or advice. If you’re looking for vocal lessons or a singing coach app, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Can’t log in

I can’t log in and get past the voice range test. What gives?

I’m better

Since I got this app I’m so good at singing Thx. P.S. Thank you so much!

No actual guidance to learn how to sing at all

This dosent actually teach you

Great vocal exercises

I love this app. I love how each lesson is demonstrated before I can sing it.

I like this so far

Great exercises to help with vocals!

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