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I love thsi sooooo much

Super cool

This app is super cool

Do Re Mi option instead of piano chords

I think it’ll be easier to understand how high or how low to hit the notes if there was an option to replace the piano chords with Do Re Mi etc

Quite confusing to a newbie

No instructions at all. Never heard back from their support. Looks like a good idea, and is likely designed for those that already have a solid grasp on singing. Still I found the lack of instruction perplexing.


Crashes a lot, and at the end almost every time it shows an error and doesnt save the progress. I logged out then logged back in it worked but my progress was deleted. Anyway, each exercise used to show us what does it improve, like extending chest, five tone, etc..., now it doesnt, plus it no longer shows the time spent on each exercise like before. Please return these features.


I like it so far. Seems like a good way to get into practicing. It would be better is I know the exact lyrics. Is that a feature??

Remove listening to sound from the app

Love the app, but if i play the level and dont sing also when in speaker mode, i get full marks.. can u remove the app sound feedback please?


I don’t work for these people or anything. I’m just a guy and I spend 7 mins a day on this and I really like it. Makes learning to sing kinda fun.

Some suggestions

I want to give this app 5 stars but I can't for a few reasons - option to save song recordings - option to sing instrumental versions of songs - option to revisit sections of a song we are currently on once we have passed the section. The app froze and I hit the button twice and then it accidentally sent me to the next section when I needed a redo. Very frustrating when you spend 10 minutes working on a song and then it gets ruined. Edit: I want to make another suggestion. How come when you're singing along with the song the snippets cut off at akward parts? Please fix the snippets so they cut off at appropriate parts of the song. A lot of times the last word or two of a phrase gets cut off and isn't included and it either gets lost in an instrumental part or it messes up the beginning of a new snippet. Please fix this because otherwise this feature is basically broken and useless. Edit#2: now I found a glitch where when I'm trying to listen to my recording it leaves the microphone on and it creates this really terrible cracking sound coming from the phone speaker. Why is the microphone on when I'm just listening and not recording? Silly.


This is a really well done app. Bravo!


I LOVE IT (it crashes a lot though)


Sometimes the app will crash, mu screen gone black and then back to home

Awesome app! Panda1028

This app is very good!I totally recommend this app if you want to really make your voice good.😋😋😋😋😋😋But I was thinking that maybe you could search for songs to perform that would be awesome -Panda1028


Just started today and I already love it! Starts out with simple sessions and REMINDS YOU WHEN ITS TIME TO SING AGAIN! What other singing app does that? I promise I’m no bot! This app is actually pretty cool! Wow! I hope this makes my voice sound better!

Great for learning to sing

As a student who had taken many formal vocal lessons, this does exactly what instructors do plus the benefit of listening back to see where you need to improve pitch yourself. This is a great app and I believe it could revolutionize how people learn to sing.

Won’t let me login; tried more than one account

I signed in with Google and it said “something went wrong. If you are the application owner, check the logs for more information”. I tried to sign up with another email, and it also said something went wrong. Edit: tried it just now (6 hours later) and it let me log in.

Spotify support please

I really want Spotify support



Fun. Bite sized.

Not sure how much I will improve but it’s fun! Occasionally the voice preview video doesn’t play.

Something changed

Just recently got back into singing again. Did a little bit of research looking for an app that would help me build up my muscles and range again. Enjoyed this at first in being able to select a song and use that as the goal in my training process. However, with this most recent update, it appears that has been removed from the daily practice screen. While you can still select songs, you have to go find the song each time. I preferred it being within my practice session screen rather than having to go find the song over and over again. You can connect to your Spotify account to sing the whole song, however I have to connect it each time with each song selection. It’s not a once connected always connected process. I will still use it, but just a little disappointed with the recent update.

Good, but flawed.

This app has some great features, but could use a little work. The song selection is extremely limited, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow to have to sign up for a paid subscription to a music service to get more songs (or be able to sing entire songs). It would be nice if the app would let you include songs from your phone’s library for use so you’re not on the hook for monthly Spotify payments just to sing songs you like. Also, most of the available songs are for the (high) tenor, alto, and soprano ranges, which leaves basses and baritones and those on the low end of the tenor range out in the cold: my range is currently A2-G3 and the only (enjoyable) song I can try to sing along with is the Louis Armstrong song. It would be very helpful if the app directly tracked your progress through songs and checked your accuracy as you went along, rather than just letting you play it back and decide for yourself how you matched up. If a singer has a very distinctive voice (say, Louis Armstrong) it can be hard to tell if you’re matching notes or not. Also, the reviewers requesting on-screen lyrics when trying to sing a song have a point. It would also be nice if the app would open up bonus exercises for you to choose from after you complete your three daily exercises so you could get some extra practice in.

Happy so far

Good beginnings and I look forward to how the app will develop. This is my first ‘singing instructor’ of my life. It’s simple, straight forward, and I feel this app has genuinely helped me improve my singing.


The exercises are on point, the song choices are great, the interactions and engagement is fantastic. I’m really glad to have this support my singing practice.

Good tool

This app is good with the visual view of where your vocal pitch is, should be a feature where you can save you recordings of the song that way you can keep track of your progression, also the ability to adjust volume level during recording of the songs

Please make an iPad version!!!

This is really needed!

You call this instructional?

I liked the idea, but the execution is severely lacking in what could be considered instructional guidance. There is no description of what you are supposed to do or achieve in the exercises. There is no explanation of the score you recieve, or how to improve. The songs from which you chose your goal are very limited, and yet you need to have your own Spodify account to use the entire song. On top of that, the limited list doesn't have a trade off, such as added lyrics to follow or well-separated vocal and backing tracks. When it's time to sing with the music, you can barely hear the instruments. Very disappointing.

Something went wrong

Would love to try but everytime it says something went wrong whether I go through Google or Facebook. Won't even let me into the app.


It says I’m so low when I go a lot higher each time

Awesome but...

I have this app for a while and I LOVE it, but right now it’s not working. I can’t login, change passwords, and get my lessons anymore. I reinstalled it, but the problem still remains.

Pretty good but needs work

I have been using this app for about a month now, i noticed when singing the mic comes in and out. It is quite frustrating, because of restarting alot. But when it comes to learning i do recommend it ! I feel like this app has help me reach higher notes and hold longer, I'm far from great but it nice to feel some sort of improvement. Somethings i would also love if u added... A way to save recorded songs. Playing back the song without the original artists voice. And more songs to the library .


okai, so, i love this app too much to say anything too negative, but one thing is that we have to spotify PREMIUM in order to sing full songs, i dislike that. maybe for now, use spotify premium, and once apple music is added, you can then use regular spotify?

Fix your app!

This app doesn’t work on iPhone X the controls are mostly hidden at the top of the screen and you cannot actually touch them. Also it won’t recognize Bluetooth headphones are you kidding me?!

Can't be beat!

Such a great teacher and can't beat the price! Thank you guys!

Love, but it won’t work anymore 🧐

I love this app. It has helped me achieve a higher range and gives me good warmups in the morning. The problem though is that the app will not work for me anymore. I can go to my profile but I cannot do anything else, not even the lessons 😔 I hope it gets fixed.

Old version worked better

I don't know if it is a software or compatibility problem but I have enjoyed using this app for sometime now. But two things changed for me. The app has been updated and I got an iPad Pro. Now my voice only registers about half the time and if I sing right into the mic there is such a delay that it is very distracting. At this point I am finding more frustration than enjoyment with this app. Update: This works better with all the updates. However it sometimes makes you do the same exercise twice before you can move on, even when you get a high score. Annoying🤔


I’m only on my second day, but I’m loving it! I just wish I could practice for longer!

Fun but needs improvement

This app is a lot of fun. Good voice recognition and helpful learning exercises. It just sometimes doesn’t work. Especially the song choices at the end. It would also be nice if you had other music player choice besides Spotify or Apple. Thanks

really good, only lets u practice 2 mins/day :(

Wish I could do more at a time because otherwise it’s great so far.


I’m novice as all get loose, but this helps you feel you can connect with your voice and the lessons are GOOOOOOOD! I feel exercised, but not exhausted. I’m learning things about my voice and music. Great design and experience!!


I just wanted to say that this is my first time writing a review without the app asking me to. But I love this app! It has been so helpful for preparing for my choir concerts and solos. It’s really helping me learn to maintain my voice. Is that the right word for it? Idk. Anyway, the app is great! Keep up the good work!

The app doesn’t work

When I try to test my voice, the app glitches and closes out.

Great app, fun, improves singing, one isssue.

I think that it would really improve the app if it was compatible with Apple Music in the same way it is with Spotify.

No warmups

There’s no warm up exercises and also the layout is off on iPhone X

No Lyrics. Have to have song memorized :(

This app could be wonderful, but it lacks lyrics. It would take a lot of the pressure of hitting notes off if you weren’t also trying to remember the ding-danged lyrics. In the interest of full disclosure: I also can’t chew bubble gum and walk at the same time.

So cool!

I’ve always been too manly to get singing lessons, but this is totally a way!! 3 stars because it doesn’t always work... all the sudden my pitch won’t show up on the screen.... that it kind of the whole point. This seems to be because of a sort of crackling that makes it try to decide between a really low pitch or high pitch and it ends up just giving up. I would blame this on the headphones, but they’re from Apple and do very clear audio recordings. Or it just won’t work at all. But normally, the dot will move and twitch between a really low pitch and the pitch I’m actually at

Unnecessary and Sloppy Registration

I shouldn't need an account to use a standalone app. I might be convinced if there was a real iPad app but there isn't so you don't have data to sync on my end. Furthermore if you're going to offer google or Facebook registrations then at least push them through their respective apps, I'm not breaking out my 2FA to login through your lazy Safari View Controller. Rest of the app is ok. Runs you through some basic vocal exercises but you're probably better off just finding some YouTube lessons.

Just the right thing

Just got this app, and it is just what I needed to practice singing and measure my progress! Highly recommend it!


Not much instruction, wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. They very first exercise I just let it play through without doing anything because I was trying to figure it out, the ambient noise in my house was apparently right on key though because it showed the vocal line and scored me perfectly. The second lesson however didn’t work at all, no matter what I tried it didn’t pick up my voice.

Potential with a big problem

On the first exercise, (head voice) when I plugged in my headphones the microphone refused to work. This is strange because I can take calls from it and have used to record previously. The program warns you that it will not play the notes when used without headphones which makes sense. However it was the only way I was able to complete the exercise.

Terrible on iPhone X

I have to hit buttons like 10 times before they do anything. And the pause/close button is underneath the time. Very clunky app. Also. Have issues with my audio being choppy while using the Apple headphones sometimes. And the delay on Bluetooth headphones with the voice feedback is awful. Couldn’t find a way to actually get voice feedback to disable.


Would be great if the songs had lyrics

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