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Add a longer pause in the bumblebee exercises. Human lungs can’t get back much oxygen in less than one second


Thank You

I can’t log in

I have problems with log in after I sign up with my email.


This app was awful!! It wouldn’t even let me log in

It doesn’t work

I thought that this would be a really cool app, but after it hears my range and it sets up my account, it then goes back to the first page and wants me to do my range and sign up again. I wrote to the creators, but no one wrote back. So alas, I am giving it 1 star.

No instruction

I did the first lesson but I don’t understand how the scoring works so I’m not sure how well I did — and I don’t see instructions anywhere. Without feedback on my performance, I don’t get how the app will help me improve. Based on the many positive reviews, I’m guessing the system makes sense to people who have had some voice lessons. For people like me with no experience, some basic instruction would help a lot. Also: the account set up process doesn’t seem to let you use gmail if you’ve chosen the option to use email sign-in (instead of Facebook or Google). Suggest fixing this or adding an error message to let users know they have to sign in with Google if they want to use a gmail address.

Impossible to do anything

I downloaded the app and have gone through the setup 5 times. It keeps making me create an account and login over and over. Never works.

Very helpful

It lets you see real time how you are doing at hitting and holding the notes. Gives you grading to help you track your improvements and show you where you do best and where you are the weakest. You can redo it as many times as you like so you can improve and see your improvements.


I’ve been trying to “log in” to my account repeated since it made me make one. It keeps bringing me back to the beginning to log in again an redo to the vocal range. This app has issues.

What I think

I sorry if you look me this app put me hat dose it have to do it it’s still singing

Set-up Not Working

Set-up isn’t working. Is the company still in business? They haven’t updated their website or social media this year.

Can’t get past sign in screen

Every time I try to use the app it will not let me get past the sign in page. This has resulted in me giving it my vocal range a few hundred times and nothing to show for it.

Unable to login and use

I am in an endless loop of logging in then establishing my range, setting reminder for lesson and back to the login screen again. I’ve gone through this process even time already. I quit.

My thoughts

If you want to learn to sing this is not the app for you. Strictly because it doesn’t explain how to sing or give feedback its just about the notes. But if your like me and you an sing but your pretty bad at notes and pitch then this is the app for you. My vocal coach taught friend said she saw a vast improvement in my matching notes and pitches after just two sessions, granted I didn’t just do the sessions then walk away I did every session probably 15 times each until I got 3 stars. Which for some took a while, after three sessions I have spent 1.2 hours on this app and I do believe it has paid off. I do wish they had different kinds of exercises instead of just warm up stuff but for me this app is all I could ask for.


The amount of vibrato I had and the way I slide into notes is obvious and it’s whipping me into clear notes and sweet pitch! Thanks!

Can’t get past signup page

I signed up & keep logging in, but can’t get past that page. The app just keeps taking me on a loop to find my vocal range, then sign in (or create an account), then doesn’t go anywhere from there...

Love it

Love this app

Doesn’t work

This app would ask me to sign in and I would sign in and it would take me back to the homepage and it wouldn’t let me get past testing my voice range – it would send me a Reminders but I would login and it would continue to prompt me to login even though I was already logged in – super not helpful at all

Effective precursor to pro lessons

Great value, fast and effective

So many issues

So first off, the app hears itself and gives me a perfect score even if I don’t say anything. Second, on day two of me trying this app, it kept crashing before I could start a lesson.

Picks up on feedback

As others have noted, this app somehow listens to itself and gives better scores than it should. While it definitely makes me feel better, I’d prefer to know when I’m wrong so that I can improve. It even does it when I’m wearing headphones (figure that one out...)

Great and fun


Great app

I’ve always wanted vocal coaching. This gives you a visual that you can’t get from some one else. 5 stars!

Great singing practice app

Use headphones on one ear for best results! This keeps the app from hearing its own tones and lets you hear the tones and your own voice at the same time. The visual feedback of the frequency of my voice is so helpful as I try to not just hit the notes but to hold them steady. Great app!

Awesome App!

Love everything about this app! Great vocal except sizes. I’m hooked! I highly recommend it!


This is such an excellent app, that I really enjoy learning to sing too.

Apple song practice

Why am I paying extra for unlimited Apple Music access yet I can only practice the same few songs over and over? That doesn’t make any sense.

Great app

I love this app!!!

It doesn’t do anything

I made an account and then it told me to log in which I thought was a little weird but I logged in then I was like oh I didn’t get logged in so I logged in again and again and again and it never logged me in so I made another account and it was still the same.

Learning to sing from very start

I am enjoying these exercises

Won’t Let Me Sign In

I created an account for Vanido, then found my vocal range on it. Then, no matter what I do, Vanido takes me back to the start page and asks if I already have an account.


Creating the account took me in loops for a long time but finally it worked. Pitch practice seems good but singing with the songs is an odd exercise. I’m not sure what the visual representation onscreen is even telling me. When is the goal? To get above the yellow section? Is this pitch accuracy? Volume? I don’t get it. And why such a small selection of songs? I just signed up with Apple Music for this. For a tiny weird selection of songs? And the snippets are weird. Why stop it? Often it stops mid word. How can I start the next section mid word?

Great, but:

This app is great with short, simple exercises that are easy but help with tone. However, i have two problems with it. Firstly, It doesn't give you any actual coaching as far as how to make your voice sound better, it only shows you where your pitch is on the scale and guides you through exercises. Secondly, it says you can pair the app with Apple Music to sing songs, but when I tap the button to connect it, it doesn’t respond. It’s as if it doesn’t offer Apple Music. The Spotify button works fine, except I don’t have Spotify premium, so I can’t use it. Other than that, this app is perf 👌


I love this app. I think it has really improved my voice. My only suggestions are two things. First, maybe bring in some vocal coaches to give feedback after a practice session. You can program to give a certain type of feedback based on what a person scored on a certain exercise or something like that. Secondly, don’t lock exercises. Maybe make it to where people unlock an exercise after reaching a certain level. I know the exercises that work best for me but I can’t do them if the app locks them. Whatever you do this app is amazing. I will recommend it whenever I can.

Helps a lot

I was just ok at singing but soon was better because of this app. And I motivates you by reminding you when to Start practicing.👌👌👌👌


It hears the piano when it picks what note ur at you get 2 or 3 star everytime!!!

Sign up does not work

Tried like other recent reviewers to sign up after the vocal range assessment and it just keeps either triggering an error page or looping back to the set up screen to do the vocal range again. I tried setting up via Facebook, google, and through email and NONE of those methods have worked to get me past the vocal test. This is absolutely ridiculous that the app can’t even enroll new users.

Can’t even sign up

It will not let me sign up, keeps saying “vocal range user must exist”. I can’t seem to fix it.

Doesn’t log in

I’ve tried every login option multiple times. Just doesn’t work. If you work for Vanido please help me fix this (the App Support button on the App Store doesn’t work)

Email, Facebook doesn’t go through...

The app let me go through the vocal range assessment, but once I tried to sign up it said that there was an error. I tried to do it a couple of times, but it didn’t work. I gave up.

Can’t even make an account?

Every time I try to sign up using Facebook, google, or email, it tells me the change was rejected. This is so disappointing.

Can’t login with email!

I tried three different times to login with my email address after I created an account and all the app did was circle back to the start up screen. It’s like it only wants you to login with FB or Google! Not cool. The scale registering my singing range before signing up was cool though.

Can’t even sign up

Keep getting “Something went wrong” error. No further explanation.


Often, the exercises are off in some way. Either there is lag with the audio, or the app hears itself and it messes up your score. Recently, it’s making an awful high-pitched sound that hurts my ears during the warm-ups. Unfortunately, it has become unusable. I really hope this gets fixed so I can use it again.

Won’t let me move on

After I’ve given my vocal range and log in I get sent right back to the homepage every time. It won’t let me move on and I don’t know why.

Scoring System?

I like this app, but I have no idea what a perfect score is, so I really don’t know how I’m doing. Vanido does not explain its grading system anywhere. It’s frustrating bc I’d like to know how well I sing.

Not As Good As Expected

From the description it seems like a great tool, but it isn’t. You have to pay for all types of exercises and it doesn’t give you any feedback. So it’s only useful to experienced vocalist that know what problems to look for, but if you can critique yourself you most likely aren’t using this app in the first place. You also have to pay to sing along to songs on Apple Music or Spotify. In general it is just not that helpful.

Log in loop

The log in and voice test process is a continual loop - could never get to the first lesson. App just keeps asking you to log in, runs voice test, then asks you to log in again.

Couldn’t Get In (edit: i’m stupid)

I couldn’t get in. I could go onto the app, perform the task given to find my vocal range by singing “ah” as high and low as I can. Then it asks me to sign up, i choose to use my email to sign up. Then, it brings me back to beginning. I check my mailbox and I have no request to confirm my email. So, I press the login button on the app to try to log into my account. I put in the correct info and it just brings me back to finding my vocal range and the cycle keeps continuing. I tried deleting and reinstalling, restarting my phone, nothing. Edit: It was just me being stupid. I used gmail so I had to press the google sign in rather than email sign in. I always assume the google sign in means Google+ (which i don’t have)

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